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FARMiliarity is an information portal for use by parents and facilitators.

  • FARMiliarity provides the web site (the “Site”) to supply general information about FARMiliarity and its products and services. You may use this site subject to your compliance with these terms and conditions.
  • Facilitators are those who manage the sessions in groups or individually. It can be a landowner, or farmer.
  • We cannot assume that any of the contents are safe for your children, and FARMiliarity does not assume that responsibility.
  • Most of the content that is created and the links that may be on this site are user generated content.
  • FARMiliarity does not moderate all the user contents, especially the comments and feedbacks.
  • Farmer and Landowner are completely responsible for how the FARMiliarity contents are used.
  • Contract farming involves an agreement between the producer and the buyer on terms and conditions for the production and marketing of farm products, usually including the price to be paid, quantity and quality demanded, delivery dates, and sometimes detailed information on inputs and production methods.
  • Maximum liability of FARMiliarity in any event is refund of any payments made to us.
  • FARMiliarity is a platform under development, and keeps evolving, and we may not be able to share all details of update with you.
  • You accept all our terms when you choose to work with us.